Feild Trip to Porto

On a factory visit to Portugal last year, we spent a long weekend in Porto. Here are a few of our favourite tile snapshots from the city....
Portugese bubble style tiles
These tiles had a marble like effect to them. No two were the same and the tiles matched the window frames so perfectly.
Gazete Azulejos tile painting workshop
We spent the afternoon painting tiles at the Gazete Azulejos workshop. They have an amazing historical catalogue of all the various designs of tiles used in Portugal and have started a brilliant project to preserve and promote the ceramic heritage of Porto. You'll find endless inspiration in their full online catalogue, Os Azulejos Do Porto.
Cherry Pink tile facade building in Porto
Not all the tiles have to have patterns. The subtle different shades of this cherry pink facade make it all the more interesting.
Hand Painted Tile Sign in Porto
This was part of a tiled sign for a restaurant. The short painterly brush strokes evoke a mix between Seurat and a mosaic. I loved how even the most casual local eatery could have something so wonderfully decorative outside their restaurant.
Serralves Museum Porto
The Serralves Museum & Villa on the outskirts of Porto is a must visit. The centrepiece is this millennial pink art-deco villa which is empty but full of grand marble bathrooms and quirky light switches. I loved the turquoise tiles of their fountain set against the dusty pink pathways.
Brushwork on Portuguese tiles in Porto
This is perhaps my favourite example of hand painted Portuguese tiles.  I spotted them in the cloisters of Porto's Cathedral. The depth of colour created from the simple cobalt blue, the texture from the brush work and movement from the brush strokes are all perfect.
Green tile building facade in Porto
And finally... I think this was my favourite building in Porto, spotted on R. das Flores. I just love how the green glittered in the sunlight. If you're in the area you should definitely visit Claus Porto for some soap which is on the same road. The packaging is exquisite.