About Us

Feild creates modern ceramic tiles using traditional artisan techniques. We love colour, natural forms and unconventional pattern. We produce small batches that are handmade and hand painted. Everything we make is made to order.

Our founder, Sophie Caulfeild, is the reason behind the weird choice of spelling of Feild. While working in product design and marketing, Sophie started evening classes doing pottery. Having spent four years learning the basics of clay, glazing and throwing, she took the step to rent some space in a shared pottery studio in South West London. It was here that she experimented with the first designs for tiles.

Sophie now works with talented makers in Portugal and the UK who produce her own tile designs and with whom she works on bespoke tile projects. Each studio specialises in different manufacturing and painting techniques that have been used for centuries in their respective countries. We aim to create designs that embrace these techniques and the subtle nuances in colour and texture that come with them.

In the UK, our tiles are made in the heart of UK pottery industry. We use a technique called Tube Lining or Slip Trailing where a thin line of raised liquid clay is drawn onto the surface of the tile to create a border within which the glaze can sit. This technique dates back to the 19th Century and you often see tube-lined tiles decorating the fireplaces of Victorian houses. The surface of the tiles is slightly raised with wonderful pools of glassy glaze that have a translucent finish. These tiles have a luxurious shine to them and over time the glaze often crackles with age, creating further texture and interest to the surface.

Our Portuguese tiles are made in the clay rich countryside just south of Porto. We use a historical technique that has been used for centuries to decorate the facades of buildings in Porto, Lisbon and around Portugal.  Stencils of the patterns are hand cut and then the colourful designs are brushed onto the raw glaze of the tile before being fired. The fluid brush strokes of colour can be seen in the final glazed product. These tiles have a rustic finish to them and colours that are reminiscent of watercolour.

For more information on the making and glazing process, please EMAIL US.